The Stress Connection: How Stress Affects Your Health and Makes You Sick


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Stress is defined as any disruption of homeostasis or balance. In present times, it is hard to maintain a balanced and stress free life given the many demands and challenges that we face each day. We are bombarded with psychological and physical stressors on a regular basis that we have all come to accept as a normal part of life. It is commonplace to brag about how stressed we are as if it were a badge of honor. Multitasking, long work hours, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and family and social obligations eventually take their toll on us mentally and physically leaving us exhausted and worn out.

Everyone reacts differently to stress, depending on his or her genetic make-up, family upbringing and social circumstances. Certain events are more likely to trigger extreme stress responses. These events include the death of a spouse or family member, marriage, birth of a child, divorce or separation, injury or illness, being fired from a job, retirement, imprisonment, financial problems and any major life-altering events. One common thread that these events have in common is that their outcome is either uncontrollable or unpredictable and often leaves one feeling helpless and vulnerable. Stress can also be caused by physical factors such as chronic infections and illnesses, inflammation and pain, food intolerance, heavy metal and environmental toxins, temperatures extremes, sleep deprivation, excessive exercise, nutritional imbalances, prescription medications, surgery and trauma. Stress has existed since the beginning of time. Its affects are far reaching for all livings organisms.

By reading this book you will learn:

  • How the normal stress response?helps the body cope with stress
  • How chronic stress affects the body and leads to a multitude of symptoms and diseases
  • How adrenal gland and autonomic nervous system dysfunction cause fatigue, mood swings, anxiety. insomnia, memory problems and decreased libido.
  • How to treat stress related illnesses with nutritional and herbal supplements, bio-identical hormone replacement and stress reductions techniques

– A Guide To Better Health Through Hormone Balance

By Drs. Eldred and Ava Bell-Taylor

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