BioFlav C 2000 (Formerly Stress C Rx) for Vitamin C Support With More Vitamin C and Bioflavanoids


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Vitamin C Improves Immune System, Cell Rejuvenation and Adrenal Gland, Liver and Skin Health


BioFlav C 2000™ is a proprietary blend of vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants that may enhance the immune system, support adrenal gland and liver function, and the body’s ability to repair itself.

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is involved in the endogenous production of cortisol. The highest concentrations of ascorbic acid are stored in the adrenal glands. Increased cortisol production during stress leads to increased vitamin C consumption by the body. Ascorbic acid is needed for the growth and repair of body tissues. It is used to form collagen, which is necessary for skin, tendon, ligaments, and blood vessel health.

Ascorbic acid is important for wound repair, connective tissue, and scar formation. It is a powerful antioxidant and may block damage caused by free radicals. Ascorbic acid may also attenuate harmful effects during prolonged stress. It is a natural antihistamine and can help reduce the symptoms of allergies. Ascorbic acid may prevent and reverse premature skin aging and discoloration. BioFlav C 2000’s high potency bioflavonoids allow for the optimal efficacy and activity of vitamin C*.

Bioflavonoids are powerful phytochemicals that have many health benefits. They may promote a healthy cardiovascular and immune system, protect against damaging effects of free radicals seen with aging and have a vitamin C sparing effect. Bioflavonoids have antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, and anti-cancer benefits. They have been shown to have protective effects against Alzheimer’s disease, nervous system diseases, and cardiovascular disease.

BioFlav C 2000™ can be used in combination with Flamex, Vitamin D Rx, MIC B Rx, SerenCalm, and AdrenaCare to support a healthy inflammatory response, cardiovascular and immune system, liver, and adrenal gland*.


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Supplement Facts

Vitamin C (as Calcium Ascorbate) …………………………………………..2000mg

Citrus Bioflavonoid 50% Complex  1070mg ………………lemons, oranges, grapefruit,  limes, and tangerines

Rutin Complex 100mg……………………………….from Sophora japonica flower extract

Proprietary Blend 230 mg…………………………….Hesperidin Complex ( from Quercetin Dihydrate, Acerola Fruit Powder, and Rose Hips

Other Ingredients: Vegetable stearic acid, calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose,  hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

Container Serving: 50 • Serving Size: 2 tablets • Suggested Use:  2 tablets twice daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. Does not contain gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, soy, egg, artificial color, flavor, or preservative


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