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MCT Oil: A Simple Switch to Gain More Energy, Leaner Body and Better Brain Health

5 Benefits of MCT Oil: More Energy, Leaner Body, and Better Brain, Heart, and Gut Health


mct oil

What Are MCTs?

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are short and medium-length chain fatty acids more easily absorbed and digested by the body than other fats. MCTs are found in coconut oil and palm oil. Unlike other fatty acids, MCTs go straight to the liver, which can be metabolized to ketones.  Ketones, which can directly cross the blood-brain barrier, are substances that can provide quick energy to the brain.

MCTs are utilized quickly and are not stored by the body.  They can be taken before a workout to increase energy and maximize the fat-burning process. MCTs don’t cause weight gain because they stimulate thermogenesis, a process in which the body generates energy or heat by increasing its normal metabolic, fat-burning rate. It is thought that MCTs help with weight loss by increasing the production of ketones.  Ketones help with weight loss and improve brain health since the brain likes burning ketones for energy.

MCTs may help maintain heart health and support the immune system and gastrointestinal system functioning. They may improve appetite control and the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and amino acids. MCTs do not supply essential fatty acids (EFA), and the best sources for these are safflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, or fish*, but they have the same benefits as these oils.


MCT Oil Benefits

Medium-chain triglycerides may increase energy expenditure and provide an energy boost without increasing body fat and fat storage. It is great for those who want to lose weight and improve their metabolism. Medium-chain triglycerides can also benefit the brain, heart, liver, and those with elevated blood glucose and cholesterol levels.  Studies have found that MCT oil can be beneficial in aiding weight loss, improving cognitive function, boosting energy levels, and improving digestion.

1. MCT Oil Boost Energy Level

MCT oil has been widely associated with increased energy levels and enhanced physical performance. But how does MCT Oil boost energy?

The answer lies in the unique structure of its molecules – Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). These molecules are more easily absorbed into the body than other fats, traveling directly to the liver, where they are quickly broken down and converted into an efficient form of fuel known as ketones. Because these ketones can be used by cells for immediate energy production, they provide a quick and sustained increase in energy levels.

2. MCT Oil and Weight Loss

MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil is gaining traction as a popular weight-loss supplement. This oil and its unique properties allow it to provide increased energy, satiety, and thermogenesis. Those looking to lose weight can benefit from incorporating MCT oil into their daily routine.

The body more readily absorbs MCTs than other fats because they don’t require bile salts for digestion and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream without being broken down first, like long-chain fatty acids. This makes them an ideal source of fuel for the body. When MCTs are consumed, they increase metabolic rate, which helps burn more calories throughout the day while providing sustained energy levels. Additionally, they can reduce hunger cravings because they make you feel full faster than other foods.

3. MCT Oil and Brain Health

Studies have found that MCT oil may help improve concentration, memory, energy levels, and cognition.  So, how does MCT oil help the brain? Some studies suggest that it can increase blood flow to the brain by providing an energy source for neurons, which helps them communicate faster and more efficiently. Additionally, research has shown that MCTs can promote ketone production in the body; these molecules are thought to boost cognitive function and protect against age-related decline. While more research needs to be done in this area, early evidence suggests that adding MCT oil as part of a healthy diet may help support overall brain health.

4. MCT Oil and Heart Heart

MCT oil is gaining attention as a dietary supplement that may improve heart health. So, how does MCT oil work to enhance heart health? When consumed, the fats in MCT oil are absorbed directly into the bloodstream rather than stored in fat cells like other fats.

Studies suggest that MCT oil may help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). It has also been linked to improved cardiovascular health by helping regulate blood pressure and increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

5. MCT Oil and Gut Health

How exactly does MCT oil help digestion?  MCT oil is quickly absorbed by the body and converted into energy, making it easier on the digestive system. It can help reduce inflammation in the gut, helping to soothe gastrointestinal discomfort caused by conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). MCT oil also stimulates bile production, which helps break down food more efficiently for better absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. In turn, this improves overall digestive health and reduces bloating and constipation[

What Can MCT Oil Substitute in Your Kitchen?

MCT Oil Rx™  may be used as a substitute for fats or oils in salad dressings, sauces, and cooking. Immediately give your normal recipes a healthy boost! Due to its low smoke point, MCT oil should not be fried. It is compatible with low-calorie individuals or those who want healthier lifestyles. To order MCT Oil Rx™, click here

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